Saturday, April 11, 2015

Winter Wonderland : Dolls in the World

This winter my dolls got out in the world for some winter fun !!!

Maddie hatter Ever after high doll, Pullip Dal, and Monster High Clawdeen wolf .

Had to improvise because I didn't have many winter clothes for them, oops !! Ha, Dal is wearing her own Tweety outfit. Madeline Hatter is wearing her own clothes with a barbie robe over them for warmth.  Clawdeen is wearing monster high pants and a Barbie shirt.

The little pet shop Blythe and lil Bratz dolls also got out !! Along with some of their pets.  The snow man toy is a Bratz toy, too !

I have the Moscow Blythe doll and she has a cute cold weather outfit ! Also had a couple of winter clothes for the Lil Bratz dolls, look adorable.

The lil bratz and blythe dolls also fit perfectly on the back of a toy dump truck. WHOA wild ride, don't try this at home !

Building a snowman ! Winter is gone, but our memories remain !

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