Saturday, April 11, 2015

Monster High Doll Review: Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein Picnic Casket Set

This is a review for the Monster High Picnic Casket Set.  This set includes Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein in matching outfits.  Very cute !  I needed more boy dolls and this set was on sale for $14.95 at Toys r us.. I could have gotten a set with two boy manster dolls for a bit more, but this one was less expensive and I don't have a Frankie either so.....

I love their matching outfits... soooo cute !  Thinking about trying her outfit on some of my other Monster High dolls , too... Not sure that Frankie is the one for him but they are cute together.

Relaxing !!! I'm going to take them on a picnic together outside this spring.. just need to find a cute picnic blanket for them, they should have included one with the set !!!  The set also comes with a picnic basket casket purse, two cakes and I think these other two items are their drinks.  It also came with a stand for each of them and a brush.  The brush helped , because both of their hair was a bit stiff out of the package, especially in the front... but I combed it out and they look super nice now !

My main complaint is that the picnic casket purse is too small to use as the actual picnic basket.  The cakes are way too big to fit in and only one drink will fit, because the purse can only have one side open at a time.  Also, why are they only having cake ?? I also have cakes that I made myself and some from the Ever After High Madeline Hatter's Tea Party set.  I really need to get them some more food for the tea party and picnic.   You cannot live on drinks and cake !!!  I'm going to look on ebay for some Monster High or Barbie food and a picnic blanket (bed blanket or rug ?) to go with this set.

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