Saturday, February 21, 2015

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to my blog. I am dedicating this blog to the love of dolls and fairytales. Welcome to fairy land and meet some of my friends.


These are some of my dolls, notably the larger ones 10-12 inches.

Monster High : Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue. Notably this Clawdeen is the sweet 1600 doll. I purchased her used on ebay, so I do not have all of her original clothing, but I recognize her from the purple streak and glitter in her hair. Some Clawdeen dolls have purple hair, some brown and some have part purple/part brown. I think this one has one of the prettiest faces of the Clawdeen I have seen. She does have an issue with her eye, looks like someone marked on it, but I still think she is too cute.  I have not figured out yet which Laguna this is, but she has the pink lips instead of blue and I think I prefer that on her.

Tea party ! Here is my Dal Tweety having a tea party with two Monster high Ghoulia.

 Barbie is lounging in the Monster High Abby Abdominable Ice Bed and Ghoulia lounges on the floor. The end table is from the Ever After High Madeline Hatter Tea party set as are the table, bench and most of the accessories in the above photo.

Here is another of Dal. She has the reddish blonde hair which I really love. She is sitting in the chair from the tea party set. Really adorable. These are not her original clothes, but I do have them.
 One of my three Monster High Ghoulia Yelps. They were all used from ebay. I dressed her in Madeline Hatter's dress and shoes, super cute ! I think it looks great on her. I believe this is travel/scaris city of frights Ghoulia and I do also have her original dress.

Speaking of... here is Madeline Hatter herself. She is the tea party version that came with the tea party furniture and accessories.  I purchased her new from amazon for a great price.  I love her little black gloves.

Maddy and two of the Ghoulia are playing around.

Couple of more of Clawdeen. I love her hair so much !!

Here is another one of Dal. 

My only current Barbie. I have a lot of vintage ones from my childhood and will update with a post once I get them ready for photos.  No idea what Barbie this is, but very pretty hair.

My second Ghoulia. This is Dead Tired Ghoulia. I did get her used, but I have her pajamas and shoes and she does look adorable in them. She is with my newest doll. Moxie Friends Tally mini doll. She is so cute.  She makes a perfect little sister for Ghoulia and I love how the Monster High dolls are articulated enough to hold onto her in their laps.

Ghoulia #3 with my son\s stegosaur .  This is Skull Shores Ghoulia wearing the outfit for my other Ghoulia (Scaris, #1 above ).  Her hair is not naturally pink. This is another ebay purchase and her hair has been dyed and I believe cut as well. I recognize who she is from her face makeup and bangs, though the bangs do not hang right anymore.

Monster High Draculara Skull Shores. I have her original bathing suit and just realized her original cocktail drink came with a lot of items I just purchased the other day.  She is soo cute, love that heart on her cheek.

Here is one more of Maddie. She looks cute in those sneakers.

Ghoulia hanging out. This Barbie shirt works as a mini dress on the Monster High dolls.

Thanks for looking ! Will update soon with another post. Next , I will show off some of my little dolls, including little pet shop blythe and mini bratz dolls.

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