Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Doll Slumber Party and Comments on Comparing Doll Clothes: Who can wear what ?

I decided to set the dolls up for a really cute slumber party.  Mainly because i have a lot of lounge clothing and pajamas and lingerie for them and I love to dress them up in those type of things.  I also have the Monster High Abby Abdominable Ice bed and love it.  

Group photo.  Two barbies, Dal in the middle.  Draculara and Ghoulia and my new Jenny Takara doll is front and center. I got Jenny on ebay and I think I am going to have to dedicate an entire post to her, because she is totally cute.  Also, I have had an issue fitting clothes on her and want to devote more time for that concerning Jenny specifically.

Dal and Draculara, They are really crazy about each other. Draculara is wearing Ghoulia's pajamas.. really cute.  I love the pajamas that came with the dead tired Monster High Dolls and I really want to get one. Side note, they fit the Ever after high dolls okay too, which is nice because not all of the Monster High Clothes are interchangeable with the Ever After dolls.

Barbie and Dal.  This Barbie is so random, I just picked a couple up on ebay with other lots and auction sets.  She is wearing the ultra cute lingerie gown and eating a banana split (made by me out of clay)

This is a better view of Jenny.  These are the clothes she came in , black pants, red tank and she also had some goggles and a red zip front vest.  I got her used so I have no idea if these are her original clothes.  She has pink hair which I really liked and the pink haired Jenny dolls are hard to find.

Jenny is wearing Dal's tweety shirt.  All of Dal's clothes will not fit her (the skirt is way too tight to go over Jenny's hips), but this shirt fits okay.  Jenny is also wearing a Bratzillaz skirt/cape as a skirt.  I don't think most Bratz and Bratzillaz things will fit, but I think this one does mainly because of the width of the skirt.

Dal next to Jenny, wow she looks huge ! Dal is wearing a vintage (1980s/1990s) skipper shirt from my childhood collection.  Really cute, obviously most skipper clothes are a bit big on her, but it looks cute anyways.  She is wearing a pair of barbie underwear, which amazingly actually fits okay, but it looks kind of like a little short on her.

Close up photo ..  I love those as shorts on her actually.  I got the stockings and a few other things from giraffedolls on etsy : .  I love this shop, the items are from Poland so they took awhile to ship, but the prices are great and the stuff is so cute.  I love these stockings on her, they look like sheer leggings under a longer shirt, because they are so tall.

Another group photo, Monster High Clawdeen Wolf and a Mermaid Masquerade bratz doll are in the front there.   I have Barbie pajamas on Clawdeen and the fit is okay, a little large but they are really stretchy which helps them stay up.  I put a teen skipper tea and Monster High pants on the Bratz doll... decent fit.  Some skipper clothes I think will be too large on Bratz dolls, but depending on the item they can wear the shirts usually.  The teen skipper pants that came with the shirt are way too long, they are also longer than the pants the normal skipper wore though.  I think some skipper skirts would fit Bratz and possibly monster high too.

Close up on Jenny.  She is wearing a barbie dress here and the fit is okay, but most barbie tops are too big on her, especially things that are especially strappy. Really pleased with the fit on this dress, even though it is a bit large it won't fall down or fall off.  I think she can wear some barbie tops , especially if they are longer sleeves.

Another view, Ghoulia is wearing a barbie tee and it works, once again Barbie tees with sleeves and very stretchy pants may work on Dal or Monster high, but a strappy top will fall off.

Lagoona and another Ghoulia are playing dress up as mermaids. I think this is a Disney Little Mermaid Barbie Tail on Ghoulia. Fit is decent, she is wearing a monster high dress under it.  Lagoona is wearing a Monster High Bathing Suit and a Bratz Mermaid skirt.  Most of the Bratz clothes will fit Monster high, but some may be too big, especially strappy tops.

Photo of Madeline Hatter. She is wearing Monster High Shoes and Skirt.  Her Hoodie is actually a Dal hoodie from the same shop on etsy: Giraffedolls.  It was a bit hard to stretch the hood over Dal's head, but it works perfectly on Madeline..I think I love it more on her, so if you are in the market for Ever After High clothes, some of the stretchy Dal things may work.. but they must be stretchy !

This Ghoulia is wearing a Moxie Doll Alice and Wonderland all in one dress/leggings combo,  I think it is shorter on her than on Moxie Doll Avery as Alice in Wonderland, but I love it on her.

Dal has changed into a dress I ordered for her from the Giraffedolls shop on etsy.  This dress is not nearly as stretchy as the hoodie and will barely fit on Dal, would not fit on Madeline Hatter or any of my other Dals.  Some of the more fitted Dal clothes like this dress will not work on anyone else.

I found these shoes for Dal.  Not sure what brand, but I think they may be made for skipper. A little loose, but fit really well. 

Moxie and Bratz dolls. Boy is wearing his own clothes.  Moxie Avery as Alice in Wonderland is wearing a Bratz top and a monster high skirt.

Some portraits.  I ordered a Bratzillas outfit for the dolls to wear. Ghoulia looks fantastic in it, Perfect fit !  It also came with a hat, but there is nothing to keep it on so I left it off.

Another Ghoulia, she changed out of her mermaid tail.  Wearing a Monster High Dress and Ever After High Madeline's shoes.  She is wearing the second pair of stockings I ordered from giraffedoll on etsy.  I love these stockings on Monster High and Dal.

Cleo is wearing all Monster High stuff except she is wearing Jenny's goggles on her head.  Ha, they look cute on her though.

Draculara is wearing Dal\s tweety skirt and red top and Bratzillas\ boots.  These boots are stretchy and slit up the back so easy to get on and I think they would fit mostly any of the dolls.  Draculara is sitting on the Ever After High Madeline Hatter bench from her Tea Party set.  I love this bench, the only doll I have had trouble getting to stay on it is Dal (maybe because of her large head making her a bit top heavy ?) and it doubles as storage.

Close up , because Draculara is adorable. Dal's top is a bit loose, but the skirt fits really well. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for a more comprehensive look at how different clothes fit Takara Jenny.  I have not had her long and I am still looking for more clothes for her and trying out different things for fit.  I wanted her, because of the pink hair, but I was not nuts about the vest that came with her outfit... so really wanting to find something new for her to wear !  I also ordered some new accessories on ebay so look for more reviews coming up soon !

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Monster High Doll Review: Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein Picnic Casket Set

This is a review for the Monster High Picnic Casket Set.  This set includes Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein in matching outfits.  Very cute !  I needed more boy dolls and this set was on sale for $14.95 at Toys r us.. I could have gotten a set with two boy manster dolls for a bit more, but this one was less expensive and I don't have a Frankie either so.....

I love their matching outfits... soooo cute !  Thinking about trying her outfit on some of my other Monster High dolls , too... Not sure that Frankie is the one for him but they are cute together.

Relaxing !!! I'm going to take them on a picnic together outside this spring.. just need to find a cute picnic blanket for them, they should have included one with the set !!!  The set also comes with a picnic basket casket purse, two cakes and I think these other two items are their drinks.  It also came with a stand for each of them and a brush.  The brush helped , because both of their hair was a bit stiff out of the package, especially in the front... but I combed it out and they look super nice now !

My main complaint is that the picnic casket purse is too small to use as the actual picnic basket.  The cakes are way too big to fit in and only one drink will fit, because the purse can only have one side open at a time.  Also, why are they only having cake ?? I also have cakes that I made myself and some from the Ever After High Madeline Hatter's Tea Party set.  I really need to get them some more food for the tea party and picnic.   You cannot live on drinks and cake !!!  I'm going to look on ebay for some Monster High or Barbie food and a picnic blanket (bed blanket or rug ?) to go with this set.

Bratz Doll Review : Cameron Boyz Doll

This is a review of the Bratz Boy doll Cameron !  I ordered him on amazon for around $5, great deal with free shipping !!  I have a couple of issues with him, but overall he is really cute for the price.  I didn't have any larger boy dolls, so I really needed him when I bought him !

Very cute on the package, but he did not come with the hat !! Boos, why not ???

Back view, like all of the bratz dolls his shoes are actually his feet and they snap off... kind of annoying because he cannot go barefoot unless you purchase extra feet.

Pretty blue eyes and I love his sneakers though !

The main issue with him is his hair, hard to show in photos, but it has kind of a ring around the top and looks a bit odd. Also annoyed because the doll was held into the box with those plastic tag holders that you have to cut off and it is hard not to leave a pretty decent size piece sticking out of his head. More obvious than on other dolls since he does not have much hair.

He stands up pretty well and has pretty decent movement and articulation.  He can do a variety of poses.

Beautiful face ! Love those blue eyes ! I want to get some more bratz boy dolls. They are cute and the perfect size to go with my bratz girls and even Monster high.  They are a little short for Monster high, but not too bad.

Winter Wonderland : Dolls in the World

This winter my dolls got out in the world for some winter fun !!!

Maddie hatter Ever after high doll, Pullip Dal, and Monster High Clawdeen wolf .

Had to improvise because I didn't have many winter clothes for them, oops !! Ha, Dal is wearing her own Tweety outfit. Madeline Hatter is wearing her own clothes with a barbie robe over them for warmth.  Clawdeen is wearing monster high pants and a Barbie shirt.

The little pet shop Blythe and lil Bratz dolls also got out !! Along with some of their pets.  The snow man toy is a Bratz toy, too !

I have the Moscow Blythe doll and she has a cute cold weather outfit ! Also had a couple of winter clothes for the Lil Bratz dolls, look adorable.

The lil bratz and blythe dolls also fit perfectly on the back of a toy dump truck. WHOA wild ride, don't try this at home !

Building a snowman ! Winter is gone, but our memories remain !

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introductions : Lil Bratz and Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls Review and Comparison of two small dolls

I have several Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls and a big collection of the Lil Bratz dolls. Both dolls are similar in size and able to use each other's accessories, furniture and also clothes to some point.  I had admired the larger Blythe dolls, but opted for several of the Littlest pet shop small dolls instead of one larger doll for a higher price.  I got mine on ebay and I think buying them used is the only way to get this type now.  The ones in the stores now have molded hair and a different body type, while the older style that I own; their hair is realistic and features are more similar to a real Blythe doll.  They are extremely similar in appearance and size to the original Petite Blythe small dolls, also found on ebay.
This is LPS cold weather cutie.  These are some of the clothes from the Target Exclusive LPS Black and White Collection Get Pretty Collection Doll set.  I do not have the clothes for this doll pictured, but I do have her boots.

This is the LPS doll Sightseeing Cutie , including her original outfit , pets and accessories. I bought her on ebay, but she was new in the box.  The dolls are using a Lil Bratz daybed/lounger.  She also came with a leash for the pets (not pictured). I wanted this doll sooo bad and she is so adorable with her pigtails. Also notice the sneakers on the iguana, too cute !!!

LPS Blythe doll head from the Target Get pretty Boutique Black and White Set. I also got this set on ebay , but NIB.  This is her head, but her body is reversed with the doll in the following photo.  The LPS Blythe dolls have removable heads and you can interchange them easily, of course depending on skin tone of the dolls it may look good or not.  These two are both pale skinned redhead dolls so it works perfectly.  She is also wearing the outfit from the other doll with the Cold Weather Cutie doll's boots. This scooter is from the Lil Bratz dolls, however, Blythe does have a scooter of her own that I have seen on ebay.

This doll has the head that came with the body of the doll in the previous photo. She is from the set Moscow bundled beauties. She is super pretty, the only thing is I wish I had her hat to go with her outfit. She is very rare apparently and very cute.  The outfit she is wearing here goes with the doll above.  The Panda and this dress pictured also came with that doll in the Black and White set Get Pretty Boutique, as well as a Raccoon not pictured here. 

My LPS Blythe dolls also love to ride in the Bratz car (missing the hood here).  Very good fit and they look cute.

Group photo of the LPS Blythe dolls that I have, along with most of their pets (the ones I could find) and some other LPS pets that I had. 

Different view of the same dolls.
Group photo of my Lil Bratz dolls. There are several different types/sizes of Bratz dolls and most areavailable on ebay in lots or singles at any given time.  From what I can tell there are Bratz kids, babies, Regular size (10 inch or so) Bratz dolls, these little dolls (look like the larger ones but around 5 inches tall) and I even saw some dolls that looked like Bratz, but were larger similar to Barbie size (11-12 inches).  I have ten Lil Bratz girls and one boy.

Riding their scooter and side car. It fits three of well and they ride it a bit better than Blythe.

There are several different dolls and you can tell that some of mine are different versions of the same doll. I think the redhead (who's hair also is brownish in some versions) is Talia and the blonde is Cloe.

Here is a photo to show the comparison of the two dolls. Blythe obviously has a much larger head as is characteristic of Blythe dolls, but I think even with that the Lil Bratz are a bit taller.

Lil Bratz Jada and boy doll (Koby maybe ??) I can't find the doors for the car either. I would say the only downside of the car is that the doors, hood and truck are easy to remove and lose...

 Another comparison, pictured here with the Lil Bratz pet cat.  This cat must have magical powers, because my two year old son is obsessed with it. Very cute pet.

This is a case I got with the Lil Bratz lot I purchased on ebay.  Pretty cute and holds a lot of their stuff or you can put a few dolls in there if you do not pack it too full of other accessories.

Blythe fits well in the lip case as well.

This is another box that they came with, I got a ton of dolls and accessories with this big lot I purchased so I was excited to see it came with storage.

It holds a lot of stuff !!!

Good thing, because these dolls have a lot of clothes and small accessories.  Plus the pets !

So I said earlier that they can share clothes to a point. This is the point.  Some of the Bratz clothes, especially pants, are huge on the LPS Blythe dolls. Also some of the Blythe clothes are a little small on the Bratz dolls, but they can wear most of them.  Here is Blythe wearing a Lil Bratz top and a cute pair of pajama pants.  You can tell the pants come down over her feet a little, but otherwise they fit well and look super cute on her.  Pictured next to her is a larger pair of Lil Bratz pants, you can tell from the photo , they would never stay up on her and would look absurd on her !!!  The Lil Bratz clothes vary in size and some of them are even kind of big on the Lil Bratz dolls, so obviously huge on Blythe.

Here is one of the lil bratz wearing a Blythe dress (fits well) and pajama pants. The Blythe pants barely fit on her, will not go all of the way up and are too tight.

But in contrast most of the Blythe clothes fit them well.  These pants are more stretchy than the pajama pants and fit really well under the dress. Too cute.

Threw in this last photo.  Not sure if these accessory holding sleeves came with the Lil Bratz lipstick case or were something that came separately with outfits.  However, they fit inside the case and have two Velcro arrears and two large zipper pockets to hold accessories.  The lil Bratz are like the full size bratz dolls in that they have no feet unless you put shoes on them.  Obviously for this reason Blythe and Lil bratz cannot share shoes.  Though even if they could the bratz shoe feet are much larger than Blythe's tiny feet, so obviously it would not work. I believe Blythe can wear polly pocket shoes, but I have not purchased any yet to try it out.  I believe she can also wear any shoes made for the original Petite Blythe doll.  The Lil Bratz can only wear their own shoes. Luckily there are a ton of Lil Bratz dolls, shoes and accessories on sale on ebay (not sure if these are still available in store at all ??) so they will never have a shortage of clothes and accessories. 

Questions or comments ?  What do you think of these dolls ? I really think the LPS Blythe are cuter, but they are also more rare and thus usually more expensive. I got all of my Lil Bratz stuff in one giant lot on ebay and it wasn't very expensive.. what a find !!! I love that they can share clothes and accessories for this reason. Very fun !