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Introductions : Lil Bratz and Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls Review and Comparison of two small dolls

I have several Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls and a big collection of the Lil Bratz dolls. Both dolls are similar in size and able to use each other's accessories, furniture and also clothes to some point.  I had admired the larger Blythe dolls, but opted for several of the Littlest pet shop small dolls instead of one larger doll for a higher price.  I got mine on ebay and I think buying them used is the only way to get this type now.  The ones in the stores now have molded hair and a different body type, while the older style that I own; their hair is realistic and features are more similar to a real Blythe doll.  They are extremely similar in appearance and size to the original Petite Blythe small dolls, also found on ebay.
This is LPS cold weather cutie.  These are some of the clothes from the Target Exclusive LPS Black and White Collection Get Pretty Collection Doll set.  I do not have the clothes for this doll pictured, but I do have her boots.

This is the LPS doll Sightseeing Cutie , including her original outfit , pets and accessories. I bought her on ebay, but she was new in the box.  The dolls are using a Lil Bratz daybed/lounger.  She also came with a leash for the pets (not pictured). I wanted this doll sooo bad and she is so adorable with her pigtails. Also notice the sneakers on the iguana, too cute !!!

LPS Blythe doll head from the Target Get pretty Boutique Black and White Set. I also got this set on ebay , but NIB.  This is her head, but her body is reversed with the doll in the following photo.  The LPS Blythe dolls have removable heads and you can interchange them easily, of course depending on skin tone of the dolls it may look good or not.  These two are both pale skinned redhead dolls so it works perfectly.  She is also wearing the outfit from the other doll with the Cold Weather Cutie doll's boots. This scooter is from the Lil Bratz dolls, however, Blythe does have a scooter of her own that I have seen on ebay.

This doll has the head that came with the body of the doll in the previous photo. She is from the set Moscow bundled beauties. She is super pretty, the only thing is I wish I had her hat to go with her outfit. She is very rare apparently and very cute.  The outfit she is wearing here goes with the doll above.  The Panda and this dress pictured also came with that doll in the Black and White set Get Pretty Boutique, as well as a Raccoon not pictured here. 

My LPS Blythe dolls also love to ride in the Bratz car (missing the hood here).  Very good fit and they look cute.

Group photo of the LPS Blythe dolls that I have, along with most of their pets (the ones I could find) and some other LPS pets that I had. 

Different view of the same dolls.
Group photo of my Lil Bratz dolls. There are several different types/sizes of Bratz dolls and most areavailable on ebay in lots or singles at any given time.  From what I can tell there are Bratz kids, babies, Regular size (10 inch or so) Bratz dolls, these little dolls (look like the larger ones but around 5 inches tall) and I even saw some dolls that looked like Bratz, but were larger similar to Barbie size (11-12 inches).  I have ten Lil Bratz girls and one boy.

Riding their scooter and side car. It fits three of well and they ride it a bit better than Blythe.

There are several different dolls and you can tell that some of mine are different versions of the same doll. I think the redhead (who's hair also is brownish in some versions) is Talia and the blonde is Cloe.

Here is a photo to show the comparison of the two dolls. Blythe obviously has a much larger head as is characteristic of Blythe dolls, but I think even with that the Lil Bratz are a bit taller.

Lil Bratz Jada and boy doll (Koby maybe ??) I can't find the doors for the car either. I would say the only downside of the car is that the doors, hood and truck are easy to remove and lose...

 Another comparison, pictured here with the Lil Bratz pet cat.  This cat must have magical powers, because my two year old son is obsessed with it. Very cute pet.

This is a case I got with the Lil Bratz lot I purchased on ebay.  Pretty cute and holds a lot of their stuff or you can put a few dolls in there if you do not pack it too full of other accessories.

Blythe fits well in the lip case as well.

This is another box that they came with, I got a ton of dolls and accessories with this big lot I purchased so I was excited to see it came with storage.

It holds a lot of stuff !!!

Good thing, because these dolls have a lot of clothes and small accessories.  Plus the pets !

So I said earlier that they can share clothes to a point. This is the point.  Some of the Bratz clothes, especially pants, are huge on the LPS Blythe dolls. Also some of the Blythe clothes are a little small on the Bratz dolls, but they can wear most of them.  Here is Blythe wearing a Lil Bratz top and a cute pair of pajama pants.  You can tell the pants come down over her feet a little, but otherwise they fit well and look super cute on her.  Pictured next to her is a larger pair of Lil Bratz pants, you can tell from the photo , they would never stay up on her and would look absurd on her !!!  The Lil Bratz clothes vary in size and some of them are even kind of big on the Lil Bratz dolls, so obviously huge on Blythe.

Here is one of the lil bratz wearing a Blythe dress (fits well) and pajama pants. The Blythe pants barely fit on her, will not go all of the way up and are too tight.

But in contrast most of the Blythe clothes fit them well.  These pants are more stretchy than the pajama pants and fit really well under the dress. Too cute.

Threw in this last photo.  Not sure if these accessory holding sleeves came with the Lil Bratz lipstick case or were something that came separately with outfits.  However, they fit inside the case and have two Velcro arrears and two large zipper pockets to hold accessories.  The lil Bratz are like the full size bratz dolls in that they have no feet unless you put shoes on them.  Obviously for this reason Blythe and Lil bratz cannot share shoes.  Though even if they could the bratz shoe feet are much larger than Blythe's tiny feet, so obviously it would not work. I believe Blythe can wear polly pocket shoes, but I have not purchased any yet to try it out.  I believe she can also wear any shoes made for the original Petite Blythe doll.  The Lil Bratz can only wear their own shoes. Luckily there are a ton of Lil Bratz dolls, shoes and accessories on sale on ebay (not sure if these are still available in store at all ??) so they will never have a shortage of clothes and accessories. 

Questions or comments ?  What do you think of these dolls ? I really think the LPS Blythe are cuter, but they are also more rare and thus usually more expensive. I got all of my Lil Bratz stuff in one giant lot on ebay and it wasn't very expensive.. what a find !!! I love that they can share clothes and accessories for this reason. Very fun !

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