Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bratz Doll Review : Cameron Boyz Doll

This is a review of the Bratz Boy doll Cameron !  I ordered him on amazon for around $5, great deal with free shipping !!  I have a couple of issues with him, but overall he is really cute for the price.  I didn't have any larger boy dolls, so I really needed him when I bought him !

Very cute on the package, but he did not come with the hat !! Boos, why not ???

Back view, like all of the bratz dolls his shoes are actually his feet and they snap off... kind of annoying because he cannot go barefoot unless you purchase extra feet.

Pretty blue eyes and I love his sneakers though !

The main issue with him is his hair, hard to show in photos, but it has kind of a ring around the top and looks a bit odd. Also annoyed because the doll was held into the box with those plastic tag holders that you have to cut off and it is hard not to leave a pretty decent size piece sticking out of his head. More obvious than on other dolls since he does not have much hair.

He stands up pretty well and has pretty decent movement and articulation.  He can do a variety of poses.

Beautiful face ! Love those blue eyes ! I want to get some more bratz boy dolls. They are cute and the perfect size to go with my bratz girls and even Monster high.  They are a little short for Monster high, but not too bad.

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